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Ocean's Thirteen

Ocean’s Thirteen is a low-key pleasure that rests on the charm of its leading men and the deceptively casual style of its director, Steven Soderbergh. George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and the rest return for the 2007 sequel, which attempts to course correct after the mixed response to the playfully meta Ocean’s Twelve (2004). Back in Las Vegas, the film continues to romanticize the 1960s, when Frank Sinatra still reigned as Chairman of the Board, and the smaller hotels seemed bigger somehow. However seedy the Vegas of yesteryear might seem by comparison, everyone had a code back then. Clooney’s Daniel Ocean and company serve as guardians of that code; together, they’re the last vestige of old-school class in a world overtaken by crass corporations and ambitious thieves willing to undercut one another for bragging rights. They occasionally stop to reflect on the past, dreaming of and recalling more idyllic days from their youth. Whatever they might conveniently overlook, there’s plenty to enjoy about the present: the good-looking stars, the casual plotting, and the silly asides. But it’s not so much about the mission as Soderbergh’s style that carries us along from moment to moment. No matter how implausible, he makes it all look so cool.

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