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Note: This review was posted from the 43rd Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival. For the full lineup of films available between April 12-25, check out the schedule here. The film arrives in theaters later this year via A24. 

Death is a natural process. Yet, people spend so much time worrying about or denying the inevitable. For most of humanity, The End is so unfathomable that we have designed religions to avoid facing the grim reality. Elaborate afterlife scenarios quell the terror of our demise, allowing us to pretend that there’s another plane of existence, another realm, another life after this one. Death cannot be the end because, if it were, what would be the point? Rather than face those questions or accept that our lives are finite and not part of some grand scheme, that our place in the vast universe is not as significant as we might hope, we ignore the issue, try not to think about it, or invest ourselves in fantasies that invent a greater meaning. But with her debut feature, Tuesday, writer-director Daina O. Pusić grapples with death, acknowledging that humans desperately resist coming to terms with their fate, while offering a tender portrait of acceptance that proves incredibly moving. The film also features another profoundly affecting performance by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who continues to uncover layers of her talent, here playing the single mother forced to reconcile with the impending absence of her terminally ill teenage daughter.

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