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Watching Immaculate is a frustrating, disappointing experience because its premise and themes have incredible potential, almost enough to overlook its flaws. But that’s difficult when the movie fails to imbue its derivative setup and horror clichés with new life or tell a story that doesn’t feel woefully underwritten. Director Michael Mohan reteams with Sydney Sweeney, the star of his 2021 feature The Voyeurs, for a nunsploitation flick barbed with a sharp religious critique and drenched in blood. It warrants interest due to its timely themes concerning women’s ever-eroding right to choose what happens to their bodies. If only the writing, performances, and execution were as inspired as its worthwhile ideas, Immaculate may have better served them. However, a movie is more than just an ideology that the viewer agrees with or doesn’t agree with. And Immaculate takes itself too seriously to have fun with its genre and sensationalized concept, while the B-movie scenario proves too absurd to justify its grave tone.

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