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Dear Reader,

If you’re looking for a last-minute gift this holiday season or just something for yourself, I recently launched a TeePublic storePlease consider ordering a t-shirt, long-sleeve shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, mug, or pillow with the white DFR logo.

I plan to update the store periodically with new movie-related designs, so check back. TeePublic fulfills all orders. Plus, they ship internationally.

Not into merch? I get that.

There are other ways to show your support. You can also join the DFR community on Patreon at tiers of $2, $6, $12, or $20 monthly. Yearly plans are also available. Your Patreon contribution earns you access to exclusive reviews, a first look at essays in The Definitives, weekly streaming recommendations, and polls to help me decide what I write about. The higher tiers can even make Reader’s Choice requests.

I must also add that the current community of Patrons is an excellent group of people who often have respectable, thoughtful discussions and debates about film on the Patreon platform. That’s a rarity on the web these days, and it’s a major perk.

Every purchase on TeePublic and each new community member on Patreon helps keep DFR a place for independent film criticism. Plus, I will be eternally thankful to you.

Thanks for your readership, and Happy Holidays!


Brian Eggert
Deep Focus Review






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